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I guess it wouldn’t kill me to actually update my site. And I totally lied about my next video. Oh well.


Champions Online: The game in the video.
Demolisher: Play demo files the easy way.
Blender: This is what I used for video editing. Also, free.
Gimp: Powerful graphics editor that just happens to be free.


Miriam – Gentium Basic (edited)

├ćnigma’s Binary



Eight Bit DesertEight Bit Undercover

Even More Eight Bit StabsWWWW

Champions Online Retro Mix by on

Only had to render this twice due to not selecting an audio codec. This video had a record number of demo file crashes. At one point, CO crashed every time I pressed the rewind button. Had to give up after 4 or 5 tries. Demolisher is amazing for letting me restart files quickly. Plus, I always forget to remove the command line options when I launch demo files from the official launcher.

Not exactly 8 bit, but I didn’t want the stills to look eye bleedingly terrible. Also, the game play footage is sped up slightly, if you were wondering.


Champions Online: The game in the video.
Demolisher: Play demo files the easy way.
Blender: This is what I used for video editing. Also, free.
Gimp: Powerful graphics editor that just happens to be free.

Font: ├ćnigma’s Acknowledge TT



Bad Graffix CrowOutdoor Eight Bit Skating


Savage Steel Fun ClubDeath on the Battlefield

Romanicing Saga 3
Victory Theme. It’s a game from the SNES. Good luck finding this song. This game needs to be updated and put on Steam.

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A humanoid toad with a spiked armored shoulder pad and a red fin on his head. His skin is green with black stripes.What am I working on now and next? I’m glad I pretended you asked!

The next video deals with toads and Gravitar. And possibly a classic game homage. Nothing too fancy and all about being silly. Most of the footage has been recorded, I just need to make sure the demos aren’t all a mess. One of them is, so far… Hopefully, I won’t have to re-do all of my demo records.

After that, I have a ridiculous commercial for CO planned. Right now, it consists of a list of ideas and a very vague idea for how I want it to look. It’s also going to be a test to see if I can get sound from my crappy microphone to not sound, well, like crap. We’ll have to see what miracles Audacity can preform.

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Special Thanks To:
Aurazon, Battle Bot Punchy, @elfdrow


Champions Online: The game in the video.
Blender: This is what I used for video editing. Also, free.
Gimp: Powerful graphics editor that just happens to be free.
Cool Text: A great way to make title text.
Christmas at Ground Zero: The music used. Links to the Amazon page because iTunes is icky.

Bla, bla, bla, not trying to claim the song or footage as my own. Bla, bla, bla, obligatory pointing out this is transitional art and not trying to steal. Bla, bla, bla, stupid copyright fair use claim.

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Making Your First Page

So you’ve made a basic page, but after checking out some of the Page of the Month winners, you realize it’s boring. Who wants their character to have a boring page? If you want to learn a few things for improving the look of your page, keep reading. Almost everything you can do is going to involve CSS. This guide will only cover the simple things.


When you edit your MediaWiki page, there is a preview button. Use it. In fact, I’m going to tell you how to change the edit page. Along the top right of the page is a preferences link. Click on it. Go to the edit link. I have the preview show up below the edit box and that’s the setting I recommend you try. If you need to do most of your editing in the box provided, you can actually make it longer. I leave it alone since I copy and paste from a file on my computer.

I also recommend tracking your changes by briefly describing what you did in the summary box, even if it’s only a minor edit. It’s good for you to track what you’ve changed and anyone following knows exactly where to find the new changes.

When editing and previewing, you can hit the ‘Home’ key on your keyboard to go to the top of the page.


A colorful page that includes various pastels on a black background.What colors you choose are important. If you’re using more that one, they should compliment each other. It’s easiest to use two or three colors, such as the ones of your character. Not sure how colors would look together? Try using the Color Designer.

Normally, I would suggest using the colors of your character. For Sterga’s page, I used a neutral color (light grey) for the base color and red for accents, headers, and links. Other neutral colors: dark blue, black, white, brown.


Basic links are boring and default colors can be impossible to read with your page colors. Good thing you can change them. The bad part is that you have to do each link individually.

[[Bunni B.O.T.|<span style=”text-decoration:none; color:#900; font-weight:bold;”>That Bunni Woman</span>]]

“Bunni B.O.T.” is the actual MediaWiki page link. Everything after the “|” is what you see on the page. You can call the link whatever you want and use most CSS. It’s best to make your links stand out from the body of the text. What’s the point of having links if you can’t tell them apart from the rest of the sentence?

Fancy External Link:

[ <span style=”text-decoration:none; color:#900; font-weight:bold;”>CORP Forums</span>]


It’s important to break up your text with images, but try not to go overboard. The more images you have in a section, the harder it is to place them and still look good on the page. The simplest way to position images is to use the alignment option in the wiki markup:


Which will cause the image to float right. There is another option that allows you to do more using CSS. Floating simply means the image can sit next to blocks of text or other images instead of being part of a sentence. You can see the difference by removing the “|right” part of the markup and previewing the page.

<span style=”float: left; margin-right: 10px; border: solid 3px #960000;”>[[image:StergaGun.jpg|link=]]</span>

This gives you much greater control of how the image looks, a nicer border, and padding for text next to the image. You can see how useful CSS is when combined with other elements such as a heading with the same background color as the image border.

Fix For Images Breaking Layout

This page shows headers that don't line up with their intended image.Sometimes, floating an image will break the layout. That’s OK, there’s an easy solution.

<br style=”clear:both” />

You can use this style anywhere images overflow into section you don’t want them to. If you use a hero box, this will affect that as well. You can also use clear:left or clear:right. If you have an image close to the top that you don’t want running into the next section and you have a hero box, then using clear:left is better than clear:both.

Having this CSS before or as part of section headings prevents images from spilling into places you don’t want them.

The clear style in CSS simply tells thing that are floating to stop at that point.


Simple heading using text and positioning to look nice.The default headings leave a lot to be desired. Sure, you can make them bold or italic, but that’s boring. You can use CSS to make all of your heading much better. You can even use a mix of wiki markup and CSS if you prefer. If you’re using HTML heading (<h1>, <h2>, <h3>, etc), MediWiki encourages you not to use <h1>. I choose to ignore this.

<h2 style=”font-size:150%; text-indent:5px; border:solid 3px #000; color:#fff; background:#960000;”>Overview</h2>

As you can see, there are many options to make your sections look much nicer. This one is simple. I use the top three heading levels. My top level headings stand out more than the other two. As I add different levels, they stand out less and less.

A simple heading that makes use of images and background color.You can also use images. Many people use Cool Text to make appealing section headings. There are several ways to create text headings. The most common way is to simply add the image to the heading and some background color.

== <span style=”background:#FA0; padding:0 100% 0 5px;”>[[CaligaNotes.png|link=]]</span> ==or

== <div style=”background:#FA0;”>[[CaligaNotes.png|link=]]</div> ==

Nothing fancy here.

Other Useful Wiki Markup

I very rarely use Wiki Markup, choosing to use HTML and CSS instead. There are some codes you may want to use. You can read up on MediaWiki formatting which gives you the basics you need to make the page look pretty. Making a bunch of slashes is faster than using HTML and CSS, so you may want to use these markups instead.

”This text is italic.””’This text is bold.”’

””’This is bold and italic.””’

== Level 2 Heading ==

=== Level 3 Sub-heading ===

These two are put at the top to remove the table of contents and the edit link on section headings. I normally create my own menu and do my editing on my computer. Both of these things are useless to me. If you don’t edit using the wiki, there’s no point in having edit links.


Credits & Links

This is a link to all of the people I used as models or mentioned. Give their pages a look for ideas on creating your own.

W3Schools – Tutorials and references for HTML and CSS.

Color Designer – Allows you to play with various colors, figuring out complimentary colors, seeing how text would appear, viewing sample layouts, and even checking how your page looks to someone who is color blind.

Cool Text – The fancy text generator many use to create their headings and title.

MediaWiki formatting – Most of the basic formatting you can use on your wiki page.

SparowHawkBunni B.O.T.CaligaCORP Forums

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So you’ve made an awesome character in Champions Online. You have a back story, you like to RP, you like to write. The point is, you want to show off with the community, but you aren’t sure about making a Primus page. You look at other pages, but the code is confusing. Or maybe you aren’t sure what to write. You’ve come to the right place. I’ll walk you through the basics of making your first page, things to think about, section ideas, and even provide a simple, decent looking template for you to copy at the end. All links are referenced at the end, right before the template for ease of access.

Before You Start

Notepad++ with highlighted text.Keep a copy on your computer. Primus has died twice in less than six months. In fact, keep the master copy on your computer and copy / paste the damn thing onto Primus. Don’t be lazy! Make note of any changes that others have made as some people like to fix spelling and grammar or add categories. Notepad++ is a great (free) text editor with code highlighting and spell check. Saving your page as an HTML file is easiest, but you can manually select the type of highlighting if you don’t. (Language > H > HTML)

Take a screen shot of your character to use as a profile image. This is especially important if you plan to use a hero / villain box. You will need to crop and resize the screen shot, but keep it at least 300px wide. If it’s a larger image, it will auto resize to fit in the hero box. Don’t have an image editor on your computer? You can use Pixlr which is free and on-line. If you want something more advanced to play with, try GIMP. It’s free and available for Windows and Linux, but it can have a steep learning curve. IrfanView is another useful option for cropping, resizing, and viewing images.

Another image you may want to have is a title image. I can be as simple as your character’s name or you can make it fancy, depending on your graphics skill. Many people use Cool Text. I use a commissioned image that I was thinking of making my new forum signature.

P.S. Commissions are addictive and it’s very unlikely you will stop at one. There’s nothing wrong with that, but don’t make a page that has ten commissions but only two paragraphs of text. And have the decency to credit the guy who did your work with a link to his site.

P.P.S. Register your email address so other people can contact you through the site. I’ve tried to contact people only to find out they never bothered. It makes it a pain in the ass to ask permission to use their work. All you have to do is click the link on the email in your inbox.

Creating Your Page

This is the easiest step, especially if you already have things at least partially finished on your computer. Make sure you’re logged in first. In the upper-right corner is a search box. Type your character’s name in it and search. If the name is available, there will be a link letting you make a new page. Use it. Otherwise, you’ll be taken to that character’s page and you’ll have to think of another name or use your @handle in the character’s name. If your name is so generic that it’s already taken, it might be a sign to be more creative.

You do not need to use the work in progress template ever. Guess what? Your page is going to be in progress forever as you add new things, delete stuff you don’t like, and change the layout. People aren’t so stupid that they can’t tell if your page is just starting out. Seriously, this went out of style ten years ago.

You can look at other people’s pages to see how they did things. Do not use someone’s code without giving credit. It’s a bad habit that many Primus users engage in and is no better than stealing someone’s artwork or story for your page. Would you want some asshole stealing your work? No? Then why would you BE that asshole?

The Hero / Villain Box

Screenshot of Chelsea's page demonstrating a hero box.Almost every single character on Primus has one. It’s not a requirement and I personally avoid them like the plague, but it’s a quick way for people to get basic information. The main page on Primus has links to the different boxes with instructions and cheat sheets. Be different, I dare you.

It’s a box. There are several types. I really don’t have anything to add. Oh, this is Chocolate Chip Chelsea’s page by the way.

Uploading Images

Before you add any images, it’s important to name them well. For instants, all of the images I use are called Character______.jpg. The blank is filled in with what the image is about. (StergaProfile.jpg, StergaGun.jpg, etc.) This way, you can be sure not to upload over someone else’s image or have you images uploaded over.

After that, it’s a simple matter of clicking the Upload Images link on the left sidebar and choosing the file to upload. If you forget what image you uploaded, you can find out by looking at your contributions. The link is on the top-right of the page, right next to the log out.

Basic Image: [[File:StergaProfile.jpg]]
Fancy Image: [[File:StergaProfile.jpg|center|border|500px|link=]]

Center: Image alignment. You can also use left or right.

Border: Adds a thin border around the image.

500px: Forces the image to be a certain width. Height will automatically be calculated so the image isn’t distorted.

Link=: The image won’t be a link. You can link images to other Primus pages by simply adding their character name. ( [[File:Sterga.Profile.jpg|link=Sterga]] )

Section Ideas

Not sure what content you want to add to your page? Part of it is going to depend on if you role play and how much you want to share with others. You don’t have to include everything from the beginning or even fill out the sections right away, but one or two will get you started.

Creator Notes

Want to give your audience insight into how your character came to be or what inspirations you had during the creation process?

Current Events

Especially useful if you roleplay. You can talk about the most recent crime your hero stopped or the bank robberies your villain does in her free time.


Many people have theme songs, battle music, and more that describes their character. Find the music on YouTube, copy the share link, and add it to your page.

Basic External Link: [ Theme Song]

Strengths And Weaknesses

Does your villain set people on fire with the power of their mind? Is she afraid of the dark? Maybe he has a weakness for certain varieties of cats. Expert marksman? Flight? Inventor? List them out.

Gear And Equipment

Magic staffs, power armor, that custom made gun, explosive bubble gum. Whatever your character uses to start or stop crimes.

Allies and Enemies

This is a good section to include lots of screen shots and links to other pages. It can be as simple is a list of names or you can add images and information. You can add information about your guild here, or create a new section for it.

Basic Internal Link: [[Sterga]]

Hideouts or Lairs

Have a super-secret underground lab? A penthouse in the city? Add it here.


Did you run whiteout with your guild? Do you have an awesome RP story arc you want to share? Make a category for it and turn it into a story.


Normally, I add them to the bottom of the page since that’s where they’re going to show anyway. You can have as many as you want and they allow people to find your character. There are hundreds of categories on Primus to give you ideas. You can even make up your own.

Some of the basics: Character, Roleplay, Female, Male, Anti-Villain, Villain, Anti-Hero, Hero, DPS, Tank, Human, Alien

Link Format: [[Category:Character]]

Useful Links

Unless otherwise noted, all programs listed is legally free for use.

Notepad++ – Text editor with syntax highlighting.

Pixlr – Online image editor.

GIMP – Advanced editor for Windows and Linux.

IrfanView – Image viewer with some basic editing options.

Cool Text – Online fancy text creator for titles and headings.

Primus Database – The main site for your character creation needs.

Character Categories – Listings of the numerous category links that may describe your character.

PriceBox – This is the hero box I used in the template.

List Of Longest Pages – The pages with the most work done. Look to them for ideas on how to create your own page.

Chocolate Chip Chelsea – The page I used in the hero box screenshot.

Feel free to make suggestions on things you like to see in future tutorials. I’ve already started two more for basic and advanced tips to be published in the coming weeks.


Screenshot of how the basic template could look.The screen shot shows the basic look of this layout. Simply copy and paste the template and start editing. Change or delete the obvious text. You can also delete the comments I wrote. I know! I used a filthy hero box! What was I thinking? I included it because I know you’re going to use it anyway.

<div style=”border:6px double blue; background:white; font-size:14px; color:black; padding:5px;”>

<!– Defaults: Border=#9b9b9b MidBorder=#6f6f6f Background=#444444; –>
<!– Text=#e8e8e8 Font=Red Circle –>
<!– ShadowColor defaults to black ->
<!– You can remove fields in this section if they are not used. –>
<!– Main Data Module. –>
<!– Image & Caption –>
<!– Affiliations Module. –>
<!– Identity Module. –>
<!– Physical Traits Module. –>
<!– Powers Module. –>



Simple Wiki markup to create a level 2 header and make it bold.

You can simply press return to make new paragraphs. Random link to [[Sterga]].

==”’Current Events”’==


[[file:CharacterEyeBeams.jpg|border|left|link=]] My character shoots thing. With lasers. From his eyes.

<br style=”clear:left” />

[[file:CharacterLasso.jpg|border|left|link=]] This lasso is great for keeping bad guys close enough for me to punch them.


This is a level 3 heading, a sub-heading for the equipment section.




<br style=”clear:both;” />
<!– You only need this if your page is shorter than the hero box. –>

7 Tips To Improve Your Page

Overseas Vacation by on

Failing For Revenge

The Underground, Spain

The leggy blond stepped out of a limo, planting her stiletto heels firmly beneath her. She looked over her mirrored shades at the neon sign, declaring to all the good times to be had inside. Striding over, hips swaying seductively, to the muscular, well-groomed bouncer, she flashed her ID. A few hundred-dollar bills slide over with it. He looked her up and down; deep purple mini-skirt and matching, low-cut top, the gold, the diamonds. Not much left to the imagination. Giving back the ID, he waved the stunning woman in.

Tossing my coat to the attendant inside, I proceeded to the bar. My target tonight is the widow of the former club owner. Lady Lessa, as she liked to be called. She was a frequent guest, making sure everything ran smoothly, taking care to sample the party favors. For quality control, I’m sure. There was something here for everyone. The Underground didn’t discriminate against any adult that sought employment. Humans, metahumans, and … other creatures. It didn’t matter, The Underground kept their clients happy.

Against my better judgment, I ordered a light alcoholic beverage and claimed a stool. I’ve never been one to bother with “recreational” drugs and have no desire to now, not even to blend in.

“You must be new here,” a low, sultry voice whispered in my ear.

The woman pressed herself into my back, reaching around to fetch a drink of her own. I turned slowly. As luck would have it, Lady Less stood before me.

“Yes. You must be Lady Lessa. I’ve heard some interesting things about you.”

“Nothing too drab, I hope,” she flashed me a wink with her long, thick lashes and took a sip from her martini. She was radiant, holding herself as a proper lady, but it was clear she’s had quite the head start on me. “I’d love to show you around,” she purred, leaning close, playing her fingers over my leg. I tried not to think of where those hand have been. I’ll need to remember to pick up some bleach and a wire scrub later. More alcohol will do until then.

She led me to a private area, thankfully not a bedroom, where she decided my lap would be the perfect chair. I took the opportunity to add a bit of knockout powder to one of her drinks. That woman could drink me under the table even with my high tolerance. I could only hope this stuff worked sooner rather than later. It wouldn’t do to black out myself. I shudder at the thought.

Endured her roaming hands, I trying to focus on the nice, bleach filled bath I would have later. I slapped her a few times, but she persisted. Much to my dismay, it seems the woman likes to play rough. Even after an hour, she was still awake. The bastard who sold me this powder cheated me. We stumbled up to Lessa’s penthouse after a time. Yes, I know, too much to drink on my end. I’ve always had a hard time resisting the alcohol. Nevertheless, my luck held and the broad finally passed out. I never met a lush with so much vitality.

Ransacking her place the best I could in my intoxicated state, I managed to hit pay dirt. Client lists for the Spain branch, listings of a few clubs build after my prison stint, complete gold. I only broke a few things in the process. I’m sure I can convince her it was during some ridiculous escapades we engaged in. Sadly, I need to stay the night to make this all convincing. At least the powder worked. I have my standards and this floozy isn’t in them.

I will have to depart early though. The lie I’m going with is a client meeting. Morning can’t come soon enough…

18 Aug 2013

What a night I had, Diary! That woman… I cannot even begin to describe how painful the experience was. Thoughts of revenge carried me.

I paid a visit to that low class drug dealing scum. Too bad about that accident he had. Poor thing, falling out the penthouse window. I doubt he will recover from such a serious case of death. He really should not have been sampling his own product. I left the body in the streets below. Why start cleaning up my messes now?

As I predicted, Lady Lessa implored me to return as her special guest. It seems she found out about my discussion with the swindler and was rather impressed by my brazen disregard of the authorities. She inquired about my work, which I informed her of my career as an assassin looking for a change. Something requiring less contract killing and more playful punishments.

It seems The Underground of Spain has a pimp shortage. Perhaps due to their mysterious disappearances. Those bodies will never be found, of course. Some of them had tantalizing bounties waiting to be collected. This plot for revenge is going to be very lucrative, I see. Already, I’ve made a killing after a single day. I may need to drag this out a bit. Or, I could keep her operations for myself. This nightclub chain has amazing profits according to the data I’ve retrieved. One can never have too much money.

Since we ended up talking business, Lessa and I did not drink heavily. She didn’t try to drag me to her bed either. Odd, yet relieving. In fact, she informed me that we could not continue with our torrid affair now that I was her employee. The woman has some strange standards. Did I mention I was relieved?

I am now training to be a pimp. I do not agree with my mentor’s heavy-handed approach to the employees, however. After I’ve learned all I can, I think we need to have a personal chat about his poor conduct. It won’t end well for him. What ever happened to class amongst villains? This man is clearly unfit to be working at such an establishment.

Employment also means having my own quarters inside the building. They are lavish. My room is on the floor with my employees. Below us are themed rooms for the clients, who cannot come onto our floor. No exceptions. The advertisements about catering to everyone’s appetites are not exaggerated. Several of my employees have already requested my help in perfecting their routines. The only duty as their boss I am reluctant to perform. It’s awkward and I don’t think I can bring myself to sharing, Diary.

I must be off anyway. I have to inspect several routines today and must order supplies. Goodnight, Diary.

Failing For Revenge by on

An Old Friend Returns

Primus Report: Alaska Operation

Suspect Margaret was indeed at the Alaska compound. [Photos Attached.] Intel suggested that suspect was working on a new death ray nearing completion. This was partially correct as a death ray was being built, but only in mid stages of development. From conversations overheard, suspect appears to be following someone else’s blueprint that she could not fully decipher. [Attached Audio Logs.]

Data retrieval successful, but heavily encrypted. Several suggestions have been included to facilitate decryption process. Suspect managed to slip away after attempted apprehension. Several henchmen were killed in pursuit. Base destruction successful. Casualties high.

Sterga “Lady Blades” Lawbringer

13 Aug 2013

Sadly, Margaret has not yet resurfaced. In the meantime, I’m using the intel I found to locate some of her lairs. Several of them were empty, but one of them has become so with my aid. It seems that she is moving everything. She will need to work faster as I pilfered more information from the base I dismantled. In other news, I have finally managed to retrieve my belongings and apartment from the MCPD. Of course, I owed quite a bit of back rent. My hero job was able to pay for that. Being here depresses me. It is a reminder of all the things from my past that I cannot remember. I think I will move to City Center.

The first night back in my apartment only brought me terrible dreams. I ended up staying with Asrea. Despite her annoyance, she is apt at calming me. I suppose there are worse things than being linked to Asrea. I wish I had those research notes, but they were largely destroyed by the cultists when I was rescued.

For now, I will search for a new place. Goodnight, Diary.

14 Aug 2013

Well, Diary, I have moved into a new apartment in City Center. It’s not as upscale as downtown, but a leap up from those in Westside. The small, simple studio will be suitable for sleeping and planning. I will find Margaret.

I uncovered a clue to her possible whereabouts. It seems she has a base under the Mojave, although I don’t have a specific location. It will take time to narrow down, so while I search, I can look here. I’m certain she has something in the city; a warehouse, a building, a dumpster, something! A group of her minions took a tour through Westside. They may be trying to make a deal with the gangs to unite them under her rule. Or perhaps Margaret’s move is a result of my interference in her operations. She might believe I have a base and wishes to flush me out. I may just have to oblige. The studio is cheap, so I should have the funds for a decoy lair. I must be careful coming and going, lest I end up captured. That would be embarrassing.

I could entertain the idea of letting Margaret’s thugs capture me, but not yet. I must gain enough attentions to be taken to her instead of simply thrown into the harbor. This means making it a point to wreak as much havoc as possible to her operations. Maybe even sell some of her plans to rival villains. I’m sure she’d love that.

My work is cut out for me, Diary, and I must get to it. I will let you know how things turn out and what my plans are.

16 Aug 2013

After doing more research, it seems that Margaret is the heir to The Underground. Very interesting. I can’t believe I didn’t know this before. I knew she was 7th generation criminal empire, but this is so much more than I anticipated. On the plus side, I have no shortage of places to destroy in my quest for Margaret’s attention. It seems that a trip overseas is in order. I’ve always wanted to go to Europe. I hear the Spanish branch of The Underground is to die for. Margaret killed the owner of a nightclub who refused to sell. His wife was much more receptive to the purchase offer.

Time to test my new identity as Susie Lawbreaker. I’ll see you in Spain, Diary.

Overseas Vacation

An Old Friend Returns by on

Heroic Beginnings? Perks of the Job

New Villain Empire Attracts Primus Attention

After yet another failed attempt at capturing what authorities thought was another low class criminal, new evidence indicates that this villain is in fact far more powerful with vast resources at her disposal. The woman simply known as Margaret attempted to create a death ray in Alaska. Hero Lady Blades successfully destroyed the base, retrieving valuable intelligence, but was unable to apprehend the slippery mastermind.

09 Aug 2013

Dear Diary:

Well, it seems Primus does have a little assignment worthy of me. It might even pose a proper challenge. “Lady Blades” is going to pay a visit to an old friend, Margaret. It seems she’s trying to build a new death ray. I can’t believe it took her so long. Idiot!


Oh, my, the angry shouting has returned. I don’t mean to yell, Diary; I couldn’t help myself. I still loathe Margaret and owe her so much for setting me up. I think I will make her death slow and painful. Very, very slow. Of course, I cannot let her see my face as much as I relish the thought. She still thinks me dead and I can hardly afford the accusations. I’m not sure if she would even recognize me. Those cultists had to perform some facial reconstruction surgery after my less than graceful landing in the Mojave. I’ve actually had quite a bit of work due to how extensive the injuries were. I don’t know if my own parents would recognize me. Not that they’re alive for me to find out. Something I’d rather not think on.

It seems Margaret is in Alaska. Not looking forward to the trip, but I am anxious for a one on one battle with my new physical prowess. I’m going to enjoy this, but must remember to get the information Primus wants so they don’t cry and whine about my tactics. They care far less about the bodies I leave behind as long as I complete their tasks. You’d think they’d be happy about all of the tax payer money they save not having to keep criminals in prison.

I must be off, Diary. There is some packing I must do.

Crime Rates Plummet in Westside

In the aftermath of the Alaska incident, Lady Blades has come back to Millennium City with vengeance. The hero left a bloody path from the docks continuing through to City Center. Seven more gang members made their way to the morgue this morning and a warehouse believed to be storage for illegal drugs was destroyed. Will the Mayor’s promise of a clean Westside finally be fulfilled?

11 Aug 2013

I can’t believe it! I was so close to catching Margaret, but she managed to slip through my fingers. Again! This frustrates me to no end. I took out my anger on her facilities, watching the compound explode from a safe distance. And yes, I did download everything possible before my rampage. Largely encrypted, but Primus can deal with that. I’ll need to pick up a copy once they finish.

It should come as no surprise that Margaret was using MY research to build a new death ray. Damn her! I cannot believe I let her get away like that! How dare she use my work!

I took out more of my anger on the gangs of Westside and did a patrol through City Center. Every time I get close to Margaret, she manages to elude me. She’s nowhere near my level of intellect but she is far better at running away. Coward! Even Asrea has been unable to apprehend the woman. Margaret doesn’t even have powers! She seems to have attracted a great deal of attention lately. Several other supers have crossed her path. In addition, Margaret has expanded her operations. I had no idea how much she had accomplished since I went to prison. The destruction of the Alaska compound likely did nothing to her pocket book.

I may very well need help with destroying her empire, which means working with Asrea again. As much as I loathe the idea, she knows more about Margaret than anyone other than myself. I really don’t think the two of us will be enough. Perhaps I can find some other heroes to sucker in. Or I could hire mercenaries. I could even get Primus to pay for their services.

Well, Diary, I must be off. I am long overdue for some sleep.

Failing For Revenge

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Heroic Beginnings? Accidental Hero

Local Area Woman Found Alive After Mars Attack

Sterga Lawbringer, thought killed during the alien terrorist attack, was found by Primus officials last night. Doctors say the woman is in good physical health, but is suffering from mental trauma, leaving her unable to remember much of her past.

01 Aug 2013

A newer superhero group contacted me at the hotel, imploring me to join them. The offer was something I simply could not refuse. They clearly know the way to my heart is with money. And combat. As a bonus, it will keep me out of Westside. Not that I won’t go back on occasion. I need to let the ruffians recover some before decimating their ranks again.

This group seems to focus on City Center for their patrols, occasionally sending operatives to the Mojave. I bowed out of the latter immediately for obvious reason. My mind is still in a state of chaos and my skills not up to par that a run in with the cultist there is the last thing I need. Even though experiments were never finished and horribly botched, what happens when you let idiots run your sensitive operations, I know there are still some irritating effects that I have been unable to fix. I loathe being a passenger in my own body when I slip into a control state. I suppose I could have done worse than to have Asrea as my handler.

Moving on, this super group, they seem to have no problem with my violent tendencies and in fact encourage them. It is so hard to resist the temptation of the combat drugs in my system. So I don’t. As long as I can keep up fighting, there isn’t a problem. The criminals in City Center are much more worthy opponents to hone my skills. They also have better equipment to pilfer and sell. Nothing worth keeping, sad as that is. They do lack identification or funds for me to use. Not that it matters as I now am officially registered as a superhero with Primus.

Who would have expected Sterga Lawless of the criminal empire, sentenced to death for murder and treason, to be an official hero? It makes me laugh as well, Diary.

Knowing that I was once Sterga Lawless makes me wonder who I was after that. I know that I kept my first name, opting for a new last of Lawbringer. Primus informed me of it when I registered. But I can’t remember much of what I did. Or who I knew, other than Asrea. The only things I know are what I’ve been told about myself. The authorities were kind enough to give me a copy of everything they knew about me. More than what my irritating guardian angel has provided.

Damn those cultists! And that amateur, PMSing alien! I’d kill them both, but I don’t know where the alien is or what her name was. As for the cultists, the thought of being caught again paralyzes me. I’m ashamed to admit that I have such a weakness. But I can’t go through the program again. I’m not sure I could make it a second time. I didn’t really make it the first time as I was rescued. I couldn’t even escape on my own. Even after all these years, I still can’t bring myself to confronting my past on my own.

I hate to dwell on things, so I shall go do my patrol of City Center. Being a hero pays quite well and the mess I leave behind bothers no one. I will speak with you later, Diary.

04 Aug 2013

I ran into someone I think I should know. Before I realize whom it was the words “I hate you” came out. He just stared at me for a moment. It was awkward, so I departed before he could speak. The encounter left me with an odd mix of emotions. I found out that the fellow I ran into is called “King Caliga”. Rolled my eyes at that one. I remember punching him in the head several times. He owes me money, I’m sure of it. Next time I find him, I’ll have to collect and ask a few questions.

07 Aug 2013

This super group I’m part of, the patrols are providing me with little challenge now. I think I will have to move on for more worthy prey. Since I’m now registered, perhaps Primus has some assignments fitting of my talents. I do continue my reign of terror in Westside when the mood strikes. The public adoration is intoxicating. I see the true appeal of this hero work. I would much rather people lavish me with praise than loathing my work to the point of prison.

Payment through proper channels means I no longer have to spend so much time laundering my funds. Although, as the head of science at a prestigious school, I must have made decent money there. Sadly, that account has little available. Clearly, I moved it, but I cannot remember where. I’m sure I have far more money stashed away somewhere. I suppose this hero work will have to suffice until I remember more.

An Old Friend Returns