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Heroic Beginnings? Perks of the Job

New Villain Empire Attracts Primus Attention

After yet another failed attempt at capturing what authorities thought was another low class criminal, new evidence indicates that this villain is in fact far more powerful with vast resources at her disposal. The woman simply known as Margaret attempted to create a death ray in Alaska. Hero Lady Blades successfully destroyed the base, retrieving valuable intelligence, but was unable to apprehend the slippery mastermind.

09 Aug 2013

Dear Diary:

Well, it seems Primus does have a little assignment worthy of me. It might even pose a proper challenge. “Lady Blades” is going to pay a visit to an old friend, Margaret. It seems she’s trying to build a new death ray. I can’t believe it took her so long. Idiot!


Oh, my, the angry shouting has returned. I don’t mean to yell, Diary; I couldn’t help myself. I still loathe Margaret and owe her so much for setting me up. I think I will make her death slow and painful. Very, very slow. Of course, I cannot let her see my face as much as I relish the thought. She still thinks me dead and I can hardly afford the accusations. I’m not sure if she would even recognize me. Those cultists had to perform some facial reconstruction surgery after my less than graceful landing in the Mojave. I’ve actually had quite a bit of work due to how extensive the injuries were. I don’t know if my own parents would recognize me. Not that they’re alive for me to find out. Something I’d rather not think on.

It seems Margaret is in Alaska. Not looking forward to the trip, but I am anxious for a one on one battle with my new physical prowess. I’m going to enjoy this, but must remember to get the information Primus wants so they don’t cry and whine about my tactics. They care far less about the bodies I leave behind as long as I complete their tasks. You’d think they’d be happy about all of the tax payer money they save not having to keep criminals in prison.

I must be off, Diary. There is some packing I must do.

Crime Rates Plummet in Westside

In the aftermath of the Alaska incident, Lady Blades has come back to Millennium City with vengeance. The hero left a bloody path from the docks continuing through to City Center. Seven more gang members made their way to the morgue this morning and a warehouse believed to be storage for illegal drugs was destroyed. Will the Mayor’s promise of a clean Westside finally be fulfilled?

11 Aug 2013

I can’t believe it! I was so close to catching Margaret, but she managed to slip through my fingers. Again! This frustrates me to no end. I took out my anger on her facilities, watching the compound explode from a safe distance. And yes, I did download everything possible before my rampage. Largely encrypted, but Primus can deal with that. I’ll need to pick up a copy once they finish.

It should come as no surprise that Margaret was using MY research to build a new death ray. Damn her! I cannot believe I let her get away like that! How dare she use my work!

I took out more of my anger on the gangs of Westside and did a patrol through City Center. Every time I get close to Margaret, she manages to elude me. She’s nowhere near my level of intellect but she is far better at running away. Coward! Even Asrea has been unable to apprehend the woman. Margaret doesn’t even have powers! She seems to have attracted a great deal of attention lately. Several other supers have crossed her path. In addition, Margaret has expanded her operations. I had no idea how much she had accomplished since I went to prison. The destruction of the Alaska compound likely did nothing to her pocket book.

I may very well need help with destroying her empire, which means working with Asrea again. As much as I loathe the idea, she knows more about Margaret than anyone other than myself. I really don’t think the two of us will be enough. Perhaps I can find some other heroes to sucker in. Or I could hire mercenaries. I could even get Primus to pay for their services.

Well, Diary, I must be off. I am long overdue for some sleep.

Failing For Revenge