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Damaged Goods 05 June 2013 We shared on of Sterga’s nightmares last night. It has been a long time since this occurred. I tried my best to change the dream, but was unable. It was about one of the missions she was sent on as an assassin. We watched as Sterga used a machete to… Read more »

Damaged Goods by on

The Mars Incident: After Death 18 May 2013 The call from Sterga was nothing less than a shock. She has always refused my help, despite needing it. I suppose this was different as she was critically injured. How she still lived, I doubt I will ever know. She was in no condition to explain, barely… Read more »

Pieces of a New Life by on

Rescue and Rehabilitation of Sterga Week 21 Sterga finally asked me about her parents. I sensed she wanted to ask. She knows I was there, demanding to know why I let them be killed. I am ashamed for the part I played in their deaths. I found out where the couple was and chose to… Read more »

Rescue and Rehabilitation of Sterga by on

One Year To Live: The Plan To Escape Week 1 I found someone I never thought to see, Sterga Lawless. It may be a mistake, but I have declined to inform officials of her continued existence. Perhaps I feel sorry for all that has happened to her. The trial was inadequate and unjust, her prison… Read more »