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An Old Friend Returns

Primus Report: Alaska Operation

Suspect Margaret was indeed at the Alaska compound. [Photos Attached.] Intel suggested that suspect was working on a new death ray nearing completion. This was partially correct as a death ray was being built, but only in mid stages of development. From conversations overheard, suspect appears to be following someone else’s blueprint that she could not fully decipher. [Attached Audio Logs.]

Data retrieval successful, but heavily encrypted. Several suggestions have been included to facilitate decryption process. Suspect managed to slip away after attempted apprehension. Several henchmen were killed in pursuit. Base destruction successful. Casualties high.

Sterga “Lady Blades” Lawbringer

13 Aug 2013

Sadly, Margaret has not yet resurfaced. In the meantime, I’m using the intel I found to locate some of her lairs. Several of them were empty, but one of them has become so with my aid. It seems that she is moving everything. She will need to work faster as I pilfered more information from the base I dismantled. In other news, I have finally managed to retrieve my belongings and apartment from the MCPD. Of course, I owed quite a bit of back rent. My hero job was able to pay for that. Being here depresses me. It is a reminder of all the things from my past that I cannot remember. I think I will move to City Center.

The first night back in my apartment only brought me terrible dreams. I ended up staying with Asrea. Despite her annoyance, she is apt at calming me. I suppose there are worse things than being linked to Asrea. I wish I had those research notes, but they were largely destroyed by the cultists when I was rescued.

For now, I will search for a new place. Goodnight, Diary.

14 Aug 2013

Well, Diary, I have moved into a new apartment in City Center. It’s not as upscale as downtown, but a leap up from those in Westside. The small, simple studio will be suitable for sleeping and planning. I will find Margaret.

I uncovered a clue to her possible whereabouts. It seems she has a base under the Mojave, although I don’t have a specific location. It will take time to narrow down, so while I search, I can look here. I’m certain she has something in the city; a warehouse, a building, a dumpster, something! A group of her minions took a tour through Westside. They may be trying to make a deal with the gangs to unite them under her rule. Or perhaps Margaret’s move is a result of my interference in her operations. She might believe I have a base and wishes to flush me out. I may just have to oblige. The studio is cheap, so I should have the funds for a decoy lair. I must be careful coming and going, lest I end up captured. That would be embarrassing.

I could entertain the idea of letting Margaret’s thugs capture me, but not yet. I must gain enough attentions to be taken to her instead of simply thrown into the harbor. This means making it a point to wreak as much havoc as possible to her operations. Maybe even sell some of her plans to rival villains. I’m sure she’d love that.

My work is cut out for me, Diary, and I must get to it. I will let you know how things turn out and what my plans are.

16 Aug 2013

After doing more research, it seems that Margaret is the heir to The Underground. Very interesting. I can’t believe I didn’t know this before. I knew she was 7th generation criminal empire, but this is so much more than I anticipated. On the plus side, I have no shortage of places to destroy in my quest for Margaret’s attention. It seems that a trip overseas is in order. I’ve always wanted to go to Europe. I hear the Spanish branch of The Underground is to die for. Margaret killed the owner of a nightclub who refused to sell. His wife was much more receptive to the purchase offer.

Time to test my new identity as Susie Lawbreaker. I’ll see you in Spain, Diary.

Overseas Vacation