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Retro Mix: Serpent Lantern by on

I guess it wouldn’t kill me to actually update my site. And I totally lied about my next video. Oh well. Resources Champions Online: The game in the video. Demolisher: Play demo files the easy way. Blender: This is what I used for video editing. Also, free. Gimp: Powerful graphics editor that just happens to… Read more »

Champions Online Retro Mix by on

Only had to render this twice due to not selecting an audio codec. This video had a record number of demo file crashes. At one point, CO crashed every time I pressed the rewind button. Had to give up after 4 or 5 tries. Demolisher is amazing for letting me restart files quickly. Plus, I… Read more »

Next Video Projects by on

What am I working on now and next? I’m glad I pretended you asked! The next video deals with toads and Gravitar. And possibly a classic game homage. Nothing too fancy and all about being silly. Most of the footage has been recorded, I just need to make sure the demos aren’t all a mess…. Read more »

Terrible, Tasteless Holiday Video by on

Special Thanks To: Aurazon, Battle Bot Punchy, @elfdrow Resources Champions Online: The game in the video. Blender: This is what I used for video editing. Also, free. Gimp: Powerful graphics editor that just happens to be free. Cool Text: A great way to make title text. Christmas at Ground Zero: The music used. Links to… Read more »

Primus Database: 7 Tips To Improve Your Page by on

Making Your First Page So you’ve made a basic page, but after checking out some of the Page of the Month winners, you realize it’s boring. Who wants their character to have a boring page? If you want to learn a few things for improving the look of your page, keep reading. Almost everything you… Read more »

Primus Database: Making Your First Page by on

So you’ve made an awesome character in Champions Online. You have a back story, you like to RP, you like to write. The point is, you want to show off with the community, but you aren’t sure about making a Primus page. You look at other pages, but the code is confusing. Or maybe you… Read more »

Overseas Vacation by on

Failing For Revenge The Underground, Spain The leggy blond stepped out of a limo, planting her stiletto heels firmly beneath her. She looked over her mirrored shades at the neon sign, declaring to all the good times to be had inside. Striding over, hips swaying seductively, to the muscular, well-groomed bouncer, she flashed her ID…. Read more »

Failing For Revenge by on

An Old Friend Returns Primus Report: Alaska Operation Suspect Margaret was indeed at the Alaska compound. [Photos Attached.] Intel suggested that suspect was working on a new death ray nearing completion. This was partially correct as a death ray was being built, but only in mid stages of development. From conversations overheard, suspect appears to… Read more »

An Old Friend Returns by on

Heroic Beginnings? Perks of the Job New Villain Empire Attracts Primus Attention After yet another failed attempt at capturing what authorities thought was another low class criminal, new evidence indicates that this villain is in fact far more powerful with vast resources at her disposal. The woman simply known as Margaret attempted to create a… Read more »

Heroic Beginnings? Perks Of The Job by on

Heroic Beginnings? Accidental Hero Local Area Woman Found Alive After Mars Attack Sterga Lawbringer, thought killed during the alien terrorist attack, was found by Primus officials last night. Doctors say the woman is in good physical health, but is suffering from mental trauma, leaving her unable to remember much of her past. 01 Aug 2013… Read more »