Champions Online Retro Mix by on

Only had to render this twice due to not selecting an audio codec. This video had a record number of demo file crashes. At one point, CO crashed every time I pressed the rewind button. Had to give up after 4 or 5 tries. Demolisher is amazing for letting me restart files quickly. Plus, I always forget to remove the command line options when I launch demo files from the official launcher.

Not exactly 8 bit, but I didn’t want the stills to look eye bleedingly terrible. Also, the game play footage is sped up slightly, if you were wondering.


Champions Online: The game in the video.
Demolisher: Play demo files the easy way.
Blender: This is what I used for video editing. Also, free.
Gimp: Powerful graphics editor that just happens to be free.

Font: Ænigma’s Acknowledge TT



Bad Graffix CrowOutdoor Eight Bit Skating


Savage Steel Fun ClubDeath on the Battlefield

Romanicing Saga 3
Victory Theme. It’s a game from the SNES. Good luck finding this song. This game needs to be updated and put on Steam.