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Heroic Beginnings? Accidental Hero

Local Area Woman Found Alive After Mars Attack

Sterga Lawbringer, thought killed during the alien terrorist attack, was found by Primus officials last night. Doctors say the woman is in good physical health, but is suffering from mental trauma, leaving her unable to remember much of her past.

01 Aug 2013

A newer superhero group contacted me at the hotel, imploring me to join them. The offer was something I simply could not refuse. They clearly know the way to my heart is with money. And combat. As a bonus, it will keep me out of Westside. Not that I won’t go back on occasion. I need to let the ruffians recover some before decimating their ranks again.

This group seems to focus on City Center for their patrols, occasionally sending operatives to the Mojave. I bowed out of the latter immediately for obvious reason. My mind is still in a state of chaos and my skills not up to par that a run in with the cultist there is the last thing I need. Even though experiments were never finished and horribly botched, what happens when you let idiots run your sensitive operations, I know there are still some irritating effects that I have been unable to fix. I loathe being a passenger in my own body when I slip into a control state. I suppose I could have done worse than to have Asrea as my handler.

Moving on, this super group, they seem to have no problem with my violent tendencies and in fact encourage them. It is so hard to resist the temptation of the combat drugs in my system. So I don’t. As long as I can keep up fighting, there isn’t a problem. The criminals in City Center are much more worthy opponents to hone my skills. They also have better equipment to pilfer and sell. Nothing worth keeping, sad as that is. They do lack identification or funds for me to use. Not that it matters as I now am officially registered as a superhero with Primus.

Who would have expected Sterga Lawless of the criminal empire, sentenced to death for murder and treason, to be an official hero? It makes me laugh as well, Diary.

Knowing that I was once Sterga Lawless makes me wonder who I was after that. I know that I kept my first name, opting for a new last of Lawbringer. Primus informed me of it when I registered. But I can’t remember much of what I did. Or who I knew, other than Asrea. The only things I know are what I’ve been told about myself. The authorities were kind enough to give me a copy of everything they knew about me. More than what my irritating guardian angel has provided.

Damn those cultists! And that amateur, PMSing alien! I’d kill them both, but I don’t know where the alien is or what her name was. As for the cultists, the thought of being caught again paralyzes me. I’m ashamed to admit that I have such a weakness. But I can’t go through the program again. I’m not sure I could make it a second time. I didn’t really make it the first time as I was rescued. I couldn’t even escape on my own. Even after all these years, I still can’t bring myself to confronting my past on my own.

I hate to dwell on things, so I shall go do my patrol of City Center. Being a hero pays quite well and the mess I leave behind bothers no one. I will speak with you later, Diary.

04 Aug 2013

I ran into someone I think I should know. Before I realize whom it was the words “I hate you” came out. He just stared at me for a moment. It was awkward, so I departed before he could speak. The encounter left me with an odd mix of emotions. I found out that the fellow I ran into is called “King Caliga”. Rolled my eyes at that one. I remember punching him in the head several times. He owes me money, I’m sure of it. Next time I find him, I’ll have to collect and ask a few questions.

07 Aug 2013

This super group I’m part of, the patrols are providing me with little challenge now. I think I will have to move on for more worthy prey. Since I’m now registered, perhaps Primus has some assignments fitting of my talents. I do continue my reign of terror in Westside when the mood strikes. The public adoration is intoxicating. I see the true appeal of this hero work. I would much rather people lavish me with praise than loathing my work to the point of prison.

Payment through proper channels means I no longer have to spend so much time laundering my funds. Although, as the head of science at a prestigious school, I must have made decent money there. Sadly, that account has little available. Clearly, I moved it, but I cannot remember where. I’m sure I have far more money stashed away somewhere. I suppose this hero work will have to suffice until I remember more.

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