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Damaged Goods 05 June 2013 We shared on of Sterga’s nightmares last night. It has been a long time since this occurred. I tried my best to change the dream, but was unable. It was about one of the missions she was sent on as an assassin. We watched as Sterga used a machete to… Read more »

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The Mars Incident: After Death 18 May 2013 The call from Sterga was nothing less than a shock. She has always refused my help, despite needing it. I suppose this was different as she was critically injured. How she still lived, I doubt I will ever know. She was in no condition to explain, barely… Read more »

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The Mars Incident: Head Hunted Lost Diary of Sterga Lawbringer 13 May 2013 Dear Diary: Having successfully infiltrated the Mars base of Acyth’s operation, I must say that I could do a much better job. Not that I have any interest in destroying my home planet as I’ve grown quite fond of it. But, just… Read more »

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Alien Threatens Earth Survival Officials confirmed today that Earth is being targeted by yet another hostile alien force. The world’s greatest leaders and minds are in the process of being secured in undisclosed locations. Citizens have shown outrage at what many claim to be a sign of failure on the part of the world’s governments… Read more »

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This is an excerpt from the Demonflame story. The rest can be found on Caliga’s page. Finally separated from the noisy, brute force ways of her companions, Sterga turned to stealth. She came upon a large room filled with the twisted forms of what were once members of DEMON. They held hostages, which were of… Read more »

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Rescue and Rehabilitation of Sterga Week 21 Sterga finally asked me about her parents. I sensed she wanted to ask. She knows I was there, demanding to know why I let them be killed. I am ashamed for the part I played in their deaths. I found out where the couple was and chose to… Read more »

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One Year To Live: The Plan To Escape Week 1 I found someone I never thought to see, Sterga Lawless. It may be a mistake, but I have declined to inform officials of her continued existence. Perhaps I feel sorry for all that has happened to her. The trial was inadequate and unjust, her prison… Read more »

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One Year To Live: Surviving Week 27 As expected, I was accosted by Hellen and her minions. Thankfully, they only inflicted minor injuries that I could hide. One of the guard teams made their rounds making my beating swift. They roughly returned us to our cells, which I was thankful. I really need to procure… Read more »

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Murder And Treason: Media Circus Prisoner Incident Report #251 New arrival Lawless, Sterga (#389734834) was attacked by Riverson, Hellen (#78876980); a.k.a “One-Eyed” Hellen. Lawless was rushed to the infirmary after clearing the grounds. Injuries include crushed skull, three broken ribs, compound fractures in both legs, left arm shattered, left hand broken, several missing teeth, broken… Read more »