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Damaged Goods

05 June 2013

We shared on of Sterga’s nightmares last night. It has been a long time since this occurred. I tried my best to change the dream, but was unable. It was about one of the missions she was sent on as an assassin.

We watched as Sterga used a machete to dismember a man in front of his family. As he laid bleed out, whimpering, begging to spare the children, she hacked them all to bits. She tried desperately to stop herself, but failed just as she had before. Walking out, she saw a glimpse in a mirror. The woman looking back was covered in gore, devoid of emotion. I don’t know how she copes with the things she was forced to do; this isn’t even the worst nightmare we’ve shared.

Many of Sterga’s memories have returned, except those of the last few years. She has hazy recollection of people she knew in Millennium City, but not enough to contact any of them. In fact, she doesn’t want anyone to know of her return yet.

13 June 2013

It seems her immune system was damage. Sterga finally remembered its presence and ran a diagnostic. The combat drug she added years ago has flooded her system. That explains the battle lust and probably contributes to the increase in nightmares. She isn’t sure how to make repairs or even certain how it works. We think she may have research notes, but have no idea where they are located.

The MCPD has made Sterga’s apartment a crime scene. She raged when we tried to enter only to find it sealed. I could barely keep up as she took her fury to the streets, viciously putting down criminals in her path. Controlling the rage she shared was nearly impossible and I could not stop her from adding fire to her blade. In the end, we both were drained.

By the time I woke, Sterga was attempting repairs on her system. She had been up half the night, working, making theories. She apologized for hurting me and feeding her anger, now determined to control the combat drug. While I appreciate the effort, I questioned whether it was a good idea to fix something she didn’t entirely grasp. I worry she may hurt herself.

The progress is going slow. Her left hand and arm are in terrible condition; the worst burns yet. She tried to hide it, but her skin cracked and bleed onto the floor. When she realized I would not leave her be until attending to the wounds, she reluctantly let me treat them. The burns were to the bone in some areas and the skin on her fingers had melted together. Sterga nearly passed out several times as I tended to the injuries. Infection was starting to set in as well.

I don’t know why she is so stubborn at times.

19 June 2013

I woke yesterday morning to find Sterga seizing in the kitchen. The upgrade she attempted went badly. She did have the foresight to leave me a note on how to revert to the previous system build. It worked, but she did not wake until night. I stayed in bed with her, hoping the damage had not undone the progress we’ve made these months. And that she would wake soon.

I had to force her to rest once she did wake. It wasn’t hard to keep her in bed, honestly. She was still a bit tired, but there did not seem to be any damage or lingering effects. The evening turned to be pleasant with no further incidents and no nightmares. I even woke first for once.

25 July 2013

These days have been very slow in passing. Nothing much of note has happened. We continued to train and explore the depths of the link. Sterga’s memory is still chaotic, things coming and going. She remembered the details of her immune system long enough to repair the damage. I think she left the drugs in her system, but at much lower levels. She still seems edgy, ready for combat.

I still worry about Sterga. While she is mostly her old self, the addiction to this drug and the damage it causes could end up killing her. I can feel the stress her body is under to keep repairing damage. She told me about this drug once.

It is one of the few things left of her parents, so I understand her desire to keep the drug. Several people died during the trials, all from heart failure due to massive strain on the muscle. Two of those people died after one dose. Sterga has been using a steady supply in serum form and those that perished has a set amount in pill form.

It is only a matter of time before her heart fails.

02 July 2013

As much as I adore Sterga, she has become a hindrance to my work. She is far too violent and impossible to control even with less of the combat drug in her system. She also stopped wearing the armor we made, opting for her normal suit. When questioned about how she came to possess this new armor, Sterga simply said she retrieved it from one of her safe houses. Later, she asked me where I had found a set of her old armor. She had no idea that she was the one to fetch it.

She is still very unstable and far more violent than ever before. Even worse than her heavy drinking days. It does not help that she now has access to old toys. And I thought the sword was bad.

07 July 2013

Today was a peculiar day. Sterga expressed interest in leaving even though she has no money, her home sealed, and is still thought dead by all. I suppose it is only a matter of time before she runs into an old acquaintance.

She is doing a bit better, choosing to be less brutal in doling out justice. Her memories are still questionable, but her personality is mostly in tact including some bad habits. We ended up fighting when I came home to find Sterga intoxicated and trying to clean her gun. I’m glad it is normally on a low power setting as I was the one to be shot with it. Several times. Luckily, I subdued her before she got a hold of any other weapons.

10 July 2013

And she finally left. I’m not sure how I feel about that, but she said she would keep in touch. Which is a great improvement if she does. Our link is strong again, so I can keep watch on her that way. She does not seem to be able to find me in this way.

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