The Chamber of the King of Lost Hope by on

Sterga leaps up under the blade of the much larger mockery of an angelic creature, preparing her own sword for the cut.This is an excerpt from the Demonflame story. The rest can be found on Caliga’s page.

Finally separated from the noisy, brute force ways of her companions, Sterga turned to stealth. She came upon a large room filled with the twisted forms of what were once members of DEMON. They held hostages, which were of no interest since that isn’t what she was paid for.

“You must save them to break the barrier.”

Sterga turned her attention to the Demon Key and glared.

“You must be joking.”



She let out a heavy sigh. So much for stealth. The key, of course, vanished from sight.

Sword in one hand, pistol in the other, her attacks were quick and brutal. She danced across the room in one fluid motion, going from target to target, leaving little opportunity for retaliation. After purging the room of DEMON filth, she moved to one of the hostages and tried to break him from his stupor. Patience was never Sterga’s strong point as she simply back-handed the man. But it did the trick and he looked around, unsure of where he was. Sterga simply pointed past the bodies that littered the floor, toward the exit.

“Everything is dead, I made sure of that. Get out. Take these other idiots with you.”

The man hesitated and Sterga thought she might have to hurt him again. Sadly, the opportunity passed as he hurried around, collecting the others.

Once again turning to stealth, Sterga made her way through the hallways finding a second large room. Scanning the area, she saw more of the poor bastards that had been affected by Qliphoth as well as … a pentagram? Oh wow, bonus points on originality there. Morons. Sterga took care of the trash before investigating the pentagram. Hmm, it appears that I can shut these things down. I hope there isn’t some sort of pattern to this. The barriers fell easily, but weren’t without surprise. The first one was mostly human in appearance. It had tattered robes and vicious blades attached to forearms and shoulders. The second was a grotesque, winged creature standing more than twice Sterga’s height. Her blades made quick work of them. Amateurs. Once the final barrier was down, The Left Hand himself appeared. He hovered, looking down on the intruder, radiating a dark aura.

“What pitiful creature is this? Kneel before me, whelp, and perhaps I will be merciful in killing you.”

“Not impressed,” Sterga replied dryly, tightening the grip on her weapons.

Without warning, the creature slammed his massive sword down then quickly to the side in a wide sweep. Sterga side stepped the first, but was hit by the arc and knocked back. Using her jet pack to recover, she charged forward, under her opponent’s sword arm raking her own into exposed flesh. The demon let loose a roar, leapt back and flicked his sword forward, hurling a mass of dark energy. The impact missed as Sterga strafed, taking the opportunity to fire off a few shots of her own. Then, she found herself frozen in place, unable to move, as The Left Hand dashed forward. She managed to bring up an emergency shield, hoping it held, as blows rained down. As the assault slowed, she dropped the shield and redirected the power to her jet pack, breaking free. She holstered her gun, gripping her sword with both hands as she rocketed up, cutting deep. The force took her up, over the creature’s head. Adjusting her course, she positioned herself at his back and let loose devastating attacks of her own.

The fight went on, each side trading blows. Ultimately, Sterga was victorious but the battle left her drained and badly injured. She dosed herself with pain meds and pushed on to meet up with the others.