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One Year To Live: Surviving

Week 27

A guard raises a nightstick to subdue the fighting Sterga.As expected, I was accosted by Hellen and her minions. Thankfully, they only inflicted minor injuries that I could hide. One of the guard teams made their rounds making my beating swift. They roughly returned us to our cells, which I was thankful. I really need to procure a map of the facilities so that I do not make such a mistake in direction again.

You’ll be happy to know that I have made great strides in my physical prowess, Diary. I can now lift weights nearly equivalent to my own. The increase in muscle should help to protect my bones from breaking as easily. I have not yet seen the woman who taught me self-defense and I fear that she has been killed. None of the other inmates seem to take kindly to my presence, so I have no one to ask.

I have taken the constant attacks as an opportunity to study fighting styles so that I may counter them in future matches. It is a very painful process, but I am improving each battle. Normally, I can hide my injuries and have been to the infirmary only twice.

Week 31

It pains me that we cannot speak more, Diary. Having the privacy needed to write is difficult to come by, but I’d hate to have someone find your hiding spot.

I have good news! During last week’s fight, I actually disabled one of Hellen’s thugs! Of course, the others savagely beat me for such action and I blacked out. In the infirmary again, but only for a few days. The recovery time was much needed as pain has kept me awake for several days. The attacks were particularly heinous that week.

One of the guards seems to have taking a liking to me. I have exploited this to gain access to various rooms during our escapades. One of the rooms had a map of the facilities that I memorized. Another thing I managed to acquire was guard rotation and schedules for the next several months. If I can manage to stay near patrol routes, attacks should decrease.

Despite my dislike of using physique as a ploy, I must admit that this affair is enjoyable and keeps me out of the general populace for a time. The less time I spend with the savages, the fewer attacks I must endure.

Week 37

“One-Eyed” Hellen almost became “Blind” Hellen today. After being menaced every other day for weeks and breaking my arm again, I have finally won a fight! Besting Hellen has earned me the title of “Top Bitch” and I now control her henchmen. A crude title, yes, but very few women have been threatening me lately. This comes as a great relief. The other prisoners still loath me, but they stay away.

Hellen will be in the infirmary for some time as she broke both of her legs falling down the stairwell. My right hand was shattered in the process, but it was worth it. Sadly, the guards came in to break up the fight. I do hate the spray. The batons bruised some of my ribs. But! I still won! This is a glorious moment, Diary. The rigorous exercise and constant attacks have paid off. I’m glad you’re happy for me, Diary. The painkillers are kicking in, so I must be off. The good ones, for once.

Week 41

Sterga stands in front of a fence, overlooking the artificial wasteland of the prison station.My plan to escape this nightmare is shaping up well. I managed to procure shuttle codes and key cards from my guard “lover”. A part of me is sad to know we will part ways, but I doubt she sees me as anything more than a distraction. Guards stay on station for six months at a time before returning to Earth. Some of them have been here as long as a year. A few stay on for several years at a time.

One of Hellen’s loyal minions handed me a note this week, asking to see me in the infirmary. Against my better judgment, I did so. It was an interesting exchange. She admitted that I was the better fighter and proposed an alliance to run the prison together. Despite her confinement to bed, she still knows far more about the station that I do, even with my generous access to restricted places. I suspect she would personally knife me in the back at first opportunity, but I should be gone before she recovers. In the meantime, I agreed to her proposal to access her knowledge.

I will need you to protect the codes and key, Diary. Don’t let anyone ruin our escape plans. I trust you will not disappoint me.

Week 47

I found out Margaret is using MY funds and schematics to plan an attack with a death ray. It looks like I really have lost everything, including my meager private funds. This news pains me like a two-shiv hit to the kidneys. I really must get out of here to salvage what is left of my bank account and stop that woman from using MY design to murder people. I don’t even know how she gained access! Even the authorities didn’t have knowledge of that account. I am very disappointed in my bank.

In fact, I will be able to leave this place soon. My guard companion and I had one last fling before she rotated off. The experience left us both exhausted. I did enjoy her company and it was much more fun that I would have thought. In addition, I pilfered a taser and bread knife during that last encounter. I was so distracted that I almost missed the opportunity. I now have all I need to escape.

The next time we talk will be in a few weeks, back on Earth.

Rescue and Rehabilitation of Sterga