The Mars Incident: After Death by on

The Mars Incident: Head Hunted

Lost Diary of Sterga Lawbringer

13 May 2013

Sterga, helm donned, pokes around a space ship in the Mars base hanger.Dear Diary:

Having successfully infiltrated the Mars base of Acyth’s operation, I must say that I could do a much better job. Not that I have any interest in destroying my home planet as I’ve grown quite fond of it. But, just in case she isn’t as incompetent as I believe her to be, I might as well ensure my survival. Even if that means letting her think I’d be a happy drone on her base. Like someone of my intellect would appreciate wasting it on such menial tasks. Ah well, at least there is an abundance of interesting tech to pilfer.

This base is not what I was hoping for. I don’t even have private quarters! Not that I really expected to, but it would have been a nice gesture on Acyth’s part. She might suspect that I have other goals for this little trip, so I must be careful where I explore and what information I ask for. Although, she has foolishly allowed me limited access to a few Internet sites. It was much easier than I thought it would be to gain this privilege.

Today, I will be inspecting the ships in hopes of securing one for my escape. I managed to send off a message to the Anti-Acyth Force. If I should be so lucky, they will figure out the code using the key I previously set up for them. I still can’t believe how easy it was to convince Acyth to allow me access to YouTube. The sooner this facility is raided, the better. I just need to make sure I’m not discovered. The last think I need is another death penalty conviction that treason would surely buy me. I will be sad to leave all of this interesting technology behind.

The Fatal Accident: 13 May 2013

She entered the hanger bay, fully armored and ready for the raid that was sure to happen sooner or later. Walking from ship to ship, Sterga made notes on which crafts would be best suited for escape. A new security system was being implemented to prevent unauthorized persons from taking command of the vehicles and she was sure her name had been left off that list.

Lost in thought, she didn’t notice the accident in the making. The mechanics were clearly incompetent, letting explosive gases leak out near a heat source. The massive explosion that resulted triggered the emergency shield and cloak in Sterga’s suit. But it didn’t prevent her from being thrown violently away from the blast. Darkness was creeping in. She struggled to stay conscious, standing, not knowing she was still cloaked. Chaos had taken over the bay, but all she wanted to do was close her eyes, just for a moment. Needed to make way to the infirmary. She managed to make it to the cargo by the wall and collapsed behind it.

Local Teacher Casualty of Chaos

In the aftermath of the plot to destroy Earth, one local area teacher is thought to have been killed. Sterga Lawbringer, head of science at the upscale East Briar Institute, was believed to have been kidnapped and held on the Mars base that was to be the front lines of the assault. Officials believe she was a target due to her achievements in technology she developed for the school and the lack of protection provided for her.

“All those important people that were supposed to be protected and they just left one of our own to the wolves. That’s pretty screwed up,” one of the missing woman’s colleagues informed us.


Back On Earth: 20 May 2013

When she opened her eyes, she saw the familiar ceiling of an apartment. But it was not her own.

“I was worried you would never wake.”

Sterga turned her head to the figure sitting on the other half of the bed. Asrea, wearing her combat robes, as always. The woman looked her guest over before continuing, “Are you feeling well, Sterga?”

“I don’t feel anything,” she replied in a flat, mechanical voice and turned her head back to the ceiling.

“Your armor was badly damaged and I do not have the ability to repair it on my own. Everyone thinks you dead and I have let them do so.”

Sterga remained silent. She gave away nothing that would indicate what she might be thinking or feeling.

“Do you want me to let anyone know of your survival?”

“I don’t want anything.”

Asrea leaned close to the woman and added, “Not even money?”


Damaged Goods