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Building the Death Ray part 2

Lawless Family Brought to Justice

After the arrest of Sterga Lawless, parents Sally and Roger Lawless were discovered in Hawaii based on information turned over by an anonymous source. The couple died in a raid of their hotel room, refusing to surrender peacefully, opting to shooting their way out. Seeker Asrea, the same hero to capture the daughter, was on scene with authorities and informed us that no one else suffered serious injury.

Week 1

Dear Diary Jr:

That woman set me up! During my journey to town, a hero just happened to catch me buying materials at the mall. Even worse, Margaret claimed credit for the death ray, stealing MY Villain of the Year award. I can’t believe I trusted her. Here I am in prison, awaiting trial, while she goes on vacation with MY money. There’s even a book deal and movie to her story in the works. AND that woman gave the police all of my research material, including my personal diary!

That two-timing, backstabbing, treacherous, concubine! I’ll get her if it’s the last thing she does!

Week 2

Sterga stands before the doors to the prison that will serve as her new home.These prison jumpsuits are too tragic to put into words. This is worse than a death sentence. How can someone claiming to be a hero be so inhumane?

The judge denied me bail, of course, so I must endure the grand jury, which started today. Jury of my peers? Please! These simpletons do not hold one hundredth of my intellect. I don’t see a way to get around the jury convicting me. All I can do is hope to avoid a death sentence. That way, I will have ample opportunities to plan my escape. I’m not sure that I can break out from my current holding as I am under guard constantly. No privacy at all! Barbarians!

Other than these dreadful uniforms and lack of privacy, prison isn’t so bad. I have a room to myself that I am allowed out of one hour each day and no longer have the constant stress of maintaining a villainous empire. I never realized how much work and how little spare time I had until now. Not that what Margaret did doesn’t deserve reprisal. As soon as I escape and find suitable accommodations, I will start plotting revenge.

I do hope my parents can hire a proper lawyer for me. Surely, they’ve seen my arrest on the news. Those clips make me out to be some sort of mad woman bent on world domination. Hardly! As if the rest of the world deserved so much attention from me.

Week 3

I had forgotten about the lack of limits on murders. It seems I will be tried for the murders I committed in my youth in addition to treason. This seals my fate, as it is unlikely I will receive anything other than death. Even worse, my parents were killed. They were in Hawaii for their anniversary when that horrible woman, Asrea, attempted to capture them. It’s my fault for keeping the post card with me. This would not have happened if I had locked it away as I normally do. I do not have the details, but it hardly matters now.

I’m tired and I want to go to bed. Goodnight, Diary Jr.

Week 9

It feels like eternity since the arraignment started. Of course, I chose not to plead. I mean really, it would be hard to say that I’m innocent of any charges, but I’m not about to claim guilt either. I hope that the pre-trial conference will be soon. All of this waiting is so dull especially since I have no one to talk to other than you, Diary. Not that I don’t enjoy our conversations, I would just rather there be another person to speak with. Plus, you’re a lousy card player.

I can’t wait for my hour outside.

Week 17

Arms crossed, a prison guard gives Sterga an icy stare.The trial is going to be a circus with lies as the main event. The number of murder counts is ridiculous! Fifty people?! In five years no less! I’m not looking forward to seeing how these shenanigans play out. Every one of the people I killed tried to harm my family or me. Only a crime at all due to being a “villain”. How is it acceptable for some idiot with a gun to run around threatening people just because he claims to be a hero? I had never committed a crime, why should I be considered a criminal when protecting myself from a lunatic? Of course, with this death ray misunderstanding, I doubt anyone would think otherwise.

The simpleton chosen to represent me has allowed far too many inadequate candidates onto the jury. I doubt any of them will even remember the judge’s instructions. Sadly, my trial is to be a public spectacle despite my desire to keep it out of the media’s eye. In fact, I was found in contempt of court for my outburst. Perhaps if my lawyer wasn’t so grossly incompetent, I wouldn’t have to speak for myself so often.

I’m also being moved from solitary into the general prison. Less than thrilling and likely a plot to incriminate me when I spill my guts to the other ladies here. Ha! As if the courts needed help convicting me. Hopefully, my cell mate is not overly aggressive or has roaming hands. I really don’t have the strength I should as I never dreamed I’d be without my gun for protection. At least I managed to make upgrades to my immune system before the arrest, so I shouldn’t spend time being ill. I haven’t the time to study how well the upgrades are working as I only put them in a few weeks before my betrayal.

I miss my parents. I should have spent more time with them. Goodnight, Diary.

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