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Part 1

Week ?

Sterga looks at the console, surprised.Dear Diary:

I’m not sure when the last time we spoke was, but I hope that I have not been overly neglectful of our relationship. I would hate for you to be upset with me or I will have no one to talk to. With the news that She has made it her sole purpose in life to hunt me down, I have been afraid to leave the observatory. My food is running low, so I will have no choice but to venture into town. Thanks to that article in Villainess Quarterly, everyone knows what I look like.


Oh my, language again. I’m so sorry, Diary. I know how you loath profanity. Forgive me?

I may have to finish this death ray simply to use it to defend myself against Her. Speaking of the death ray, it’s coming along very well considering I am the only one working on it. Of course, it’s nowhere near completion. I find it therapeutic to work on this project. Taking my mind off of the bullet meant for me keeps me slightly less hysterical. I don’t know what I’ve done to make Her hate me so, but I don’t think I want to ask either. Not that She would tell me anyway.

Wish me luck in traveling to town, Diary. I desperately need more coffee.

Week 27

Dear Diary:

So much has happened since we last spoke. I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to get in touch earlier. Not only did I discover M’s identity, but ended up in a physical confrontation. It’s Her, diary! I can scarcely believe it myself! I am quite conflicted as to whether I still loath Margret and upset that I had not seen this obvious conclusion sooner.

I was engrossed in my work when I heard something behind me. If there’s one thing about my decision to become a villain that has been most useful, it is my decision to purchase and train in a fire arm. Imagine Margret’s surprise when I spun around and shot her in the shoulder. Of course, if I had been more rational, I would have noticed her lack of arms and not likely to have so hastily squeezed the trigger.

I also regret not making a more thorough sweep through the security program. Since this is Margret’s observatory, she was able to enter easily and have one of the automated droids fire at me. This distraction allowed her to close the gap, knocking us both to the floor. This is when I hit my head the first time. For a woman shot, she really can move quickly. Somehow she managed to get a few punches into my torso while slamming my wrist onto a corner of the steps to disarm me. Miraculously, it wasn’t broken, but left me unable to communicate with you, Diary.

I managed to connect with her jugular notch, stunning her for a few seconds. Unfortunately, she recovered much quicker than I anticipated and simply punched me in the face, knocking out a few of my teeth and causing my head to slam into the stairs, effectively rendering me unconscious.

How long I remained lying on the floor is unknown to me, but it was long enough for Margret to remove the bullet and stitch-up her shoulder. I was in far too much pain and wavering in and out of consciousness to bother with any kind of foolish escape attempt. Eventually, Margret moved me into the bedroom. I know this, because it is where I awoke. Things are a bit hazy during that time. Not that I was doing well to keep track of time previously.

I may have been wrong about Margret. She didn’t kill me or even restrain me during my incapacitated state. In fact, she bandaged my wounds and apologized for being so aggressive.

It seems there has been a misunderstanding in that she was never trying to kill me, but wanting to work with me. The accident at my main base occurred when Margret came to visit, hoping to discuss a partnership. She was curious about one of my munition inventions, inadvertently setting it off and unable to disable it. It was Margret’s PR coordinator who told Villainess Quarterly about the plot to kill me as a way to spin a potentially disastrous story. I knew I should have put better security on those munitions.

Margret has proposed we finish the death ray together. On one hand, most of the plans and schematics are done. On the other, very little of the assembly is completed and two sets of hands will make the work go much quicker. I admit, I did not think I would be able to finish and test my invention before Villain of the Year was announced. I am using her facilities to complete a project I would never have been able to do otherwise.

Week 37

Dear Diary:

Working with Margret has proven to be immensely valuable. She helped me with power consumption issues I was unable to solve. In fact, we have almost completed building and will soon be ready for a test firing. I have suggested targeting the moon since no one lives there and one more crater won’t hurt it. I may be a villain wanting to win cash and fame, but I prefer not kill anyone if I don’t need to. Murder is hardly classy or eloquent.

Wish us luck, Diary!

Week 38

Dear Diary:Sterga yells at some idiot clerk.

Tragedy has struck, Diary! The test firing not only failed, but damaged some of the components! This is such tragic timing. It will take us weeks to repair the damage and conduct another test fire. Our materials are running low again, so I must rush into town in hopes of finding the proper wiring I require. I do hope we can make these repairs in time. I would hate to fail so close to the Villain of the Year award judging.

Murder And Treason: The Trial of Sterga Lawless