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Murder And Treason: The Trial of Sterga Lawless

Hero Murdered by Lawless Daughter

Lawrence Rockwell was found shot to death in an ally late last night. Witnesses say the man attempted to arrest the Lawless criminal family when the daughter pulled a gun and emptied it into the would be hero. Police say the gun was loaded with “cop killer” bullets, rendering Rockwell’s vest useless.

“Those people are monsters and even turned their own child into a soulless killer. I hope they all rot in hell,” Widow Laura Rockwell responded. The grieving mother of two is offering a reward to anyone who can bring the daughter in.

Week 22

Today, the prosecution stared with that filth, Lawrence Rockwell. He was the first one I “brutally shot to death”. Self-defense considering he put my mother into a coma for years. She was never the same after waking. He would have killed us all if I hadn’t shot him. Not planned, but I don’t regret it either. The heroes are worse than many villains I know. The experiments my parents performed were considered unethical. Completely ridiculous! I would know, taking over so that my parents could retire. But, I won’t be continuing the family business anyway. Many of our assets were confiscated or scavenged. My parents are now dead and it looks like I may be joining them.

Widow of Fallen Hero Slain

Laura Rockwell, wife of the man who tried to arrest the Lawless family, was gunned down outside a grocery store this morning. Police say the bullets used were the same as those that took the life of her husband four years earlier. Video surveillance and witnesses identified Sterga Lawless as the perpetrator of this heinous act. Police urge caution to anyone encountering the woman. Rockwell leaves behind two young children who were at the babysitters during the shooting.

Week 23

Another day of lies. None of the people I’ve been accused of killing today are ones I’ve taken out. Especially not the Rockwell Widow. She was no threat, despite hiring a few amateurs to find me. I did take care of them. Besides, she had young children and even I wouldn’t take their mother away. The evidence was laughable: a video tape of a small figure, hooded, running up to the woman and firing. You can’t even tell if the figure is a man or woman, let alone positively identify it as me. Eyewitness testimony my foot! I’m positive much of this evidence is fabricated. Sadly, I have no access to funds for a competent lawyer.

The prosecution is doing well to demonize me. Do they really think a teenager could be so cold and brutal? Especially one as sickly and frail as I was? Many of these killings were professional, which I was not. Can anyone say, straight faced, that I have the physical strength to garrote a man now, let alone when I was a teen? Or that I could handle an assault rifle? Light pistols are my weapon of choice for a reason. I know my weaknesses would dispute some of the evidence, but it will change the outcome. Some things should stay secret.

I was found in contempt of court, again, for my outburst. Perhaps I should just quietly accept my fate.

Week 40

A younger, more frail Sterga in her prison clothes, stands in the courtroom waiting for her sentence.I know it has been long since I last wrote to you. The murder part of my trial drug on. There really was nothing interesting for me to tell you. The same lies. The same idiots on the jury. The same buffoon for a lawyer. We finally started the treason section. Much to my dismay, several of the family henchmen testified against me. And I thought they were loyal. Given immunity no doubt. Still, they worked with us for so long, some of their parents as well. I even went to the same Villains of the Future school with their children. I don’t think this trial can get any worse. The sentencing should be soon, not that the verdict isn’t certain.

Week 48

As expected, the sentence was death for my crimes. The surprise is that I will be sent to the Intergalactic Space Station for Dangerous Persons. The judge informed me that it is an off-world prison for the most dangerous, non-super power criminals of the world to rot. In addition, I’ve decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and escape. That woman set me up and I must repay her kindness. How I will escape from a space station, I do not know. No one ever has and lived. A few inmates managed to steal a shuttle, but not being pilots, burned in orbit. The people sent there are all exceptionally brutal, as I am told. The inmates here have taken bets on how long I’ll live before being beaten to death. Not very comforting.

I am far too delicate without my pistol to be thrown in with such savages and am frightened at the thought of being stabbed or someone’s unwilling companion. I should have escaped sooner. Nothing can be done now. Wish me luck, Diary.

One Year To Live: Surviving