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Sword using, blue spandex wearing weirdo. Has cape death trap accessory.Are you an up and coming superhero with no place to turn to for styling tips? Of course you are! After exhaustive research and interviews with the superhero community, I bring you the best tips for being a Super Stylish Hero.

The most important part of your superhero look is a styling name. What does your name have to do with style? Your name can seriously impact your style. Let’s look at an example.

Say your name is Hurricane. Would you dress in purple? Of course not! Hurricanes are associated with large bodies of water called oceans. Most people think of the color blue for water. Have you seen purple water? No, you haven’t if you lay off the drugs. You lose serious style points from your superhero peers if your name is Hurricane and you wear purple.

In fact, your name should have something to do with your powers. If your name is Hurricane and you throw fire, then you become a total loser no matter how stylish you dress. Colors are vital. The wrong colors could leave you the laughing stock of the super hero community.

Limit your color choices to two or three max. Easy colors are different shades of the same color. Avoid pink or excessively girly colors if you are a man. Wearing pink tights may show off your muscular body, but your enemies will laugh… And so will your friends. Real men don’t wear pink. In fact, avoid pink if you are a girl as well. Appearing too feminine will leave you open to insults from your arch nemesis on what a wuss you are.

Black goes with everything and can be a good complimentary color. Be careful not to over use black unless you are a total badass with the skills and attitude to prove it. Since you are reading this guide, I guarantee you aren’t.

You should discuss color options with a professional SuperHero Colorologist, such as myself, before you choose your superhero colors.

After you pick your colors, you need to think about the actual outfit you will wear. Traditionally, spandex and tight fitting clothes were the outfit of choice for the superhero. You don’t have to choose this option. But don’t do the Casual Fridays look. It may be okay for the office, but it’s not okay for a superhero. If you’re a woman, and can fly or even if you can’t, avoid the skirts or dress. Nothing says embarrassment like a skirt flying up in a breeze or the heat of battle.


Does your superhero outfit lack that special something? Spice up your attire with some accessories. There are all kinds of cool trinkets and doohickeys that can take you from bland to grand. Something as simple as a belt can add life to your outfit. Goggles are also a good choice and have the added bonus of eye protection. Don’t go overboard with accessories or you will just induce laughter instead of fear in your enemies.

Cape: Cool Accessory or Death Trap?

Many a superhero has met an early retirement because his or her cape caught on a random piece of metal causing severe whiplash or even death. Think twice about having a cape if you are clumsy or have a lot of bad luck.

Now you know the basics of being a cool superhero. Just work on those powers and you’ll be well on your way to fame and maybe fortune.