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So you want to be a stalker when you grow up…


If you haven’t figured it out from the wall of text that is my main page, I like to write. Currently, I’m focusing on my newest character, Sterga, who is also my main in Champions Online. The stories are mostly in diary format. Sometimes I include notes I have for characters and thoughts on how I developed each one. I’ve been working on Sterga’s past and present at the same time. There are quiet a few plot lines I’m going to type up eventually. The basic outline of Sterga’s life is on her Primus page.


Lately, I’ve been fooling around with making videos for GoogleTube. I have all of one at the moment, but am busy filling up my second hard drive with random crap.

I will probably never do a Let’s Play because… No. I don’t watch them when other people do them even if it’s a game I love. Unless it’s some sort of challenge run. Even then, I’d rather just watch the highlights. I personally prefer creative or funny videos and that’s what I’ll be doing.


Yes, I game. As a woman. Is that supposed to be abnormal? And not just crap like Farmville or some other casual nonsense. I’m not exactly hard core either, although I do love Dark Souls (even though I lose most PvP matches) and the King’s Field series. King’s Field was made by the same group that did the Souls games, but were never popular here. The Persona series is also up there, although I wish it would use teenagers as the lead less often. My favorite? Romancing SaGa 3, an old SNES game that was, sadly, never translated or released in the U.S. Good thing it was translated by a fan.

I don’t play a lot of FPS game, I hate sports games, and the only types of racing games I like are the ones where you can smack your opponent around such as Burnout or Road Rash. I also play some MMOs. If you haven’t guessed, my main MMO is Champions Online. I also like Rift, despite being fantasy bases. I played WoW for some years. I went to that frozen island in Wrath and the epic purple weapon I spent all that time PvPing for was replaced by some green item… That and the customization in the talent trees was largely destroyed.

Right now, I’m playing too much Path of Exile. It’s an ARPG similar to Diablo. Not very new player friendly, but customization in building is awesome. Totally a sucker for that. Still new to the game and busy rolling endless alts to try out everything ever in the game.

Steam: Sterga – GamerTag: Riviania – Champion: @riviania

Theme for this site.

This is my first WordPress theme bases on Bones. Red because I like red. It’s done enough that it works, but is still being edited. Mostly small things like colors or spacing. I finally added all of the favicons, screen buttons, and other crap. Everyone has to be cute with their own way to store icons for a site.

As the screen size gets smaller, the page changes. Go ahead and re-size the browser. It’s entertaining for a few seconds. It should look fine, if not as pretty, on small screens and older browsers. Since it’s a theme for my site, I didn’t spend much time caring about older browsers. In fact, I spent most of my time fooling around with sass and editing the php files. Then I found some tools I could add to Visual Studio to edit my scss files and magically turn them into css files which worked much better than the program I was using. After that, I found other things for web design in Visual Studio, so I had to try those things out too.

So you want to use something…

If you want to re post or use my writings on your site, go ahead, as long as you aren’t making money at my expense. You don’t need to ask me if it’s okay, because it is. If you’re a decent person, you’ll credit me. I really would rather you didn’t just steal my work and claim it as your own. Then I’d have to send you a not nice email and publicly shame you for being a scumbag.